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Interior architecture and furnishing supply us with the medium to express the emotions that people feel, a tool to connect with the wants and necessities of living.
Workshop of Wonders is a studio that does just that; we translate immaterial emotions as directly as possible into a tangible environment.
We want to see the character of our clients and their guests reflected in our spaces, we love a challenge but we also really love results!

Identity is a central theme in private or professional modern life.
From de founding of the Workshop of Wonders in 1993 we have put creating and translating a fitting identity central in our interior and furniture designs.
All our clients are individual in their hopes, dreams and character. All want their surroundings to say something about themselves and their business.
We study their private and professional identity thoroughly and create ways to translate their uniqueness to the physical spaces they occupy.

Working and living spaces are continually changing. They are updated to new standards and new functions.
The Workshop of Wonders has been implementing these changes from the very start, we specialize in adapting existing buildings, historical or modern.
Readapting existing spaces for 20 years has made us design craftsman that give new life to weary buildings. We have the architectural and material skills to study, react and translate all your needs and dreams.

Supported by our design studio our furnishing division can supply all the furniture and lighting required in a project. From a single chair to an entire flexible office space or private residence.
Listed below is our large selection of international top design brands to cater to all contemporary tastes. Sales of single items are also possible as is a solid piece of professional advice.
Our lighting products can be supported by a lighting plan for your home or company. Next to the impressive collection of decorative lighting objects we also have architectural lighting to light up every kind of space. Check out for example Modular and Kreon on our homepage.
Our homepage furthermore shows a special selection of brands that we feel deserve extra attention and of which we are often the sole supplier in the Utrecht area. Craftsmanship combined with the latest technology produces these objects of desire and a huge dose of artistic creativity made them possible.

Let us take you with us in our everlasting search for the best the world has to offer as far as furnishing and lighting goes, enjoy!

You give us the space and we’ll give you an unforgettable result!


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Workshop of Wonders

Domstraat 25 3512 JA Utrecht
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