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Over Studio MüllerVanTol B.V.

Studio Müller Van Tol is a ,Amsterdam based, design studio specialized in interiors: we develop interiors, surface coatings and semi-industrial intermediate products for the contract market. What interests us is how interiors are related to the user . How the space and the material is communicating with the user. We work in close cooperation with the client and attach to a solid design process whereby research and experimentation are keywords. This approach leads to 'custom made' projects and tactile, innovative collections that are distinguished by their unique spirit and identity . Characteristic of the work of Müller Van Tol is the communicative character and international allure. Müller Van Tol has a committed and passionate team with a background in design (product and interior) and architecture. Since the start in 1995 we have implemented different projects and built up an international clientele. Examples are the Volkshotel, Textilemuseum, 72&Sunny, Unseen, Vescom, Desso, Akso Nobel and many others

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