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  • Avenue Ceramique 222
    6221 KX Maastricht
  • 043-7115030

MH1 architecten

MH1architecten is a complete independent architectural office, founded by Marc Hermans in 1989. The office is member of the Dutch league of architects (BNA).

MH1architecten creates designs for a wide range of building and on all scale levels. The works of MH1architecten consists of more than 800 projects in 10 European countries. The works cover exterior and interior of private and serial housing, apartment buildings, offices and industry-buildings, medical practice, sports buildings, school buildings, commercial buildings and parking buildings.

MH1architecten has an explicit and innovative modern vision on architecture. Scale, measure and proportion add to a dynamic composition and spacial experience in each design. MH1architecten doesn’t walk the beaten path; we’re always eager to come up with innovative and ‘flabbergasting’ solutions. 1+1=3.

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