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Masters of Interior Design

    About Masters of Interior Design

About Masters of Interior Design

Our Mission

Interior Design: We master the art of improving interiors. We love to make your life a little less complicated by improving your home. To achieve this, we developed our proven D-D-C-C method. 

Besides gorgeous, your house needs to be very smart. Our goal is that you have 4 to 5 hours of extra free time, because your home perfectly suits your lifestyle. Every day. Count that over a year and you have 2 more weeks in free time. There is less cleaning, tidying and maintenance. So you can be more successful in your daily life. Who doesn't want that?


"MoID is... different. And we love it!"
Fam. Van der Tuin

  Our Vision

The way we live has changed. We used to spend our evenings in the livingroom on the sofa. But in these days more and more people have an open kitchen area, meaning we spend a lot more time in the kitchen. Cooking is becoming a hobby instead of a necessity. We can now use the whole house.

Not only living has changed, but our entire lifestyle is different.?

We are way more busy than ever before. When you arrive home, you rather spend time with your loved ones, but there is a lot to do. Cooking, tidying, work, checking that video, etc. Before you know the evening has passed.


"I am so happy I took this step!"
Mrs. Hardenberg

  How can an interior designer help you optimize your lifestyle?

Within no-time we need to be your temporary family. This personal approach is essential to make your house your home. We need to have a mutual trust to guarantee the best result. We need to get to know you well in order to come up with the solutions that fit you best. Then we start optimizing the house around you, fitting your needs. 

Simple things. But things you didn't think of. For example a small shift in the interior layout can have maximal results. But also smart storage, easy to use, but beautiful materials. Etcetera. This way you will have more time for yourself, your family and the things that give you energy!


"By following the steps of MoID you get the desired outcome, 
without spending a lot of time."
Fam. Jacobs


About the Masters

Sven van Buuren

"Your home should be there to uncomplicated your life. On autopilot, so you can do the things you enjoy doing."

Interior architect Sven van Buuren has over 15 years experience in the design field. He owned several businesses and has always enjoyed being an entrepreneur. ?


Marc Müskens

"Every room should have an excuse to stay there."

Interior designer Marc Müskens, also known from tv, has several businesses in the interior scope. 

He has studied at the world famous Eindhoven Design Academy under Lydewij Edelkoort.

MORE ABOUT MARC MUSKENS   Tell us your story:

We'd love to come over to your natural habitat, where you can tell us about your project. 
It will be worth your time and investment. Guaranteed.



?This is why we love to get out of bed every morning:  

"Their design is based on personal contact. 
They really want to discover your individual needs."

Fam. Van der Tuin

"We got tears in our eyes by just seeing the design."
Fam. van de Anker

"By following the advice of MoID you get the desired outcome, 
without spending a lot of time."
Fam. Jacobs

"They have overwhelmed us twice with creative, tasteful and in detail executed designs."
Fam. De Wit

"They master the art of listening to the wishes of the client.?"
Fam. De Wit

"The result is above all expectations!"
Fam. Luttinkhuizen

"We feel like we've moved, but it's the same house!?"
Fam. Luttinkhuizen

"Without Masters of Interior Design, I could have never thought of this."
Mrs. Geisink

"Not only did Masters of Interior Design come up with very creative and surprising ideas, 
they are also extremely concerned and connected."
Fam. Kok

"We've realized almost everything 1 on 1."
Fam. Bijkerk

"Masters of Interior design are masters of translating our demands, 
wishes and issues into original, smart solutions."

Fam. Bogers

"I am so happy I took this step!?"
Mrs. Hardenberg

"I am enjoying my new surroundings with the looks I've always wanted. I only miss one thing: Emailing them to ask what they think of this lamp or that chair..."
Mrs. Hardenberg

"Very pleasant proces, where our wishes are perfectly combined with their ideas and solutions."
?Fam. Onink

"Thank you very much for the advice and I would recommend you to those who wants to decorate their house but have no clear vision what to do.?"
Mrs. Rai

"They start with 'the dream' and know how to shape this dream into reality. The result: a crisp clear, spacious home with just the right combination of light, colors and -storage-."
Mrs. Rai

Hij gaat van 'de droom' uit en weet deze vervolgens ook realistisch en praktisch vorm te geven. Het resultaat; een strak en ruimtelijk ingericht huis met precies de juiste combinatie van licht en kleuren en veel opbergruimte, waardoor er zelfs met vier kinderen rust in het interieur is.

    Contact us

Would you like to speak to us in person? Or looking for an interior designer? Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our possibilities. 

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